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Barbershop Choruses:

Are you a member of a Barbershop or Community Chorus? This site will help you get a jump on the others in terms of learning and understanding music. Even better, an entire chorus can subscribe and make this site available to their members and visitors. Think what a great recruiting tool that would be if you could offer this material to each person who joins. Also, think how much better the chorus would be if everyone gained these skills.

School Choirs:

Do you direct a school choir, either public or private? With the resources on this site, your singers can learn music faster and more effectively. Subscribe to the site for everyone in your choir, and watch the skill level rise.

Learn to Sing What's Written: No experience needed

Did you ever wish that you could look at a sheet of printed music and read it as easily as reading your native language, singing or thinking in your head how the tunes would go? This website is offered to help you build that kind of skill. Many people think that they don't have the music background to do that. This site is designed to help those who don't have much music background. If you're starting from scratch and want to learn about music, you've come to the right place.

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Church Choirs:

This site is a great resource for members of church choirs. Become the anchor of your section as you are the first to learn new music and help others around you to learn their part. Entire choirs can subscribe and make the material available to all the singers. If you can offer this training, do you think more people might be willing to sing in the choir? It's worth a try. And when your choir is trained, you'll be able to do more interesting and complex music.

Home Schoolers:

Are you involved in a home-schooling situation? Are you wondering how to teach your kids music? This site can provide the curriculum that you need. We have a special rate for multiple kids in the same family.

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Practice finding notes on the staff.

Voice Teachers:

Are you a teacher of singing? Have you been looking for a good resource to help your students develop the art of sight-singing? This sight can help. You can make the resources on this site available to some or all of your students. Just watch their musicianship soar.


Are you part of a quartet or small singing group? Our special rate will allow groups of 2-4 people to all subscribe to the site for less than the individual rate. Help your group to learn songs more quickly. Gain the ability to sing through potential songs to see how you like them. As your musicianship grows, your ability to please your audiences will grow, and your contest scores are likely to climb as well.