Getting the Rhythm Right- pg. 1

Rhythms have always been a challenge for singers. Instrumentalists have to learn to read rhythms accurately, while vocalists are often asked to just imitate what they hear. Would you like to be able to read rhythms like a good instrumentalist does? This class assumes no prior understanding of rhythms, but will start at the beginning and explain basic concepts, giving you a chance to practice on increasingly difficult rhythms. By the time you're done, you should be able to handle any rhythm you can expect to see.

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Rhythm Reading

Lesson 2 - Overview of Rhythm Course

Lesson 3 - Getting Started - Basic Note Lengths

Lesson 4 - Measures and Time Signatures

Lesson 5 - Counting

Lesson 6 - Some Notes to Sing

Lesson 7 - Duple and Triple Meter

Lesson 8 - Cut Time

Lesson 9 - Pick-Up Notes

Lesson 10 - Ties to Connect Notes

Lesson 11 - Dotted notes

Lesson 12 - Musical Rests

Lesson 13 - Review 1

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