Singing the Notes You See - pg. 1

Do you know very little about music theory? When you see a piece sheet music, is it like a foreign language? Then you're exactly the kind of person that could benefit from this class. You can learn a foreign language in a year or ten. Or you can take an hour or two and learn how the words sound. Music is the same way. We'll teach you to reproduce the sounds of the written music without having to learn much music theory.

Lesson 1 - Invitation to Sight Singing

Lesson 2 - Don't Buy A Sight-Singing Course Until You Watch This

Lesson 3 - Overview of Sight-Singing Course

Lesson 4 - The Major Scale, the skeleton of our music

Lesson 5 - The Pattern of Notes in a Major Scale

Lesson 6 - The Home Note - hearing and seeing it

Lesson 7 - What Do We Call the Notes?

Lesson 8 - Finding "Do" When Singing

Lesson 9 - Practice Finding "Do" from piano intro

Lesson 10 - The Basics of Rhythm

Lesson 11 - Singing Ti and Do

Lesson 12 - Singing Do Re Mi

Lesson 13 - Starting on non-Do notes

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Supplementary Exercises - Lesson 10

Supplementary Exercises - Lesson 11